Check the facts 2

Maidenhead Magpies move to Braywick – Let’s “Check The Facts” 2

How is Maidenhead UFC going to ‘add value’ to Braywick Park’?

Peter Griffin stated “The proposals include a mix of facilities designed to add value to and complement existing facilities at Braywick and support the wellbeing of our community, while establish a more diverse business model”.

This is a difficult one as contrary to the claim to be “open and transparent”, the football club has given us very little information on what they plan to bring to Braywick.

What we do know they are they planning to add to beautiful Braywick is:

  • Circa 100 additional car parking spaces
  • Circa 11 vehicle coach park
  • New gym, there are already two on site.
  • Indoor facility, there is already one, it is called The Leisure Centre.
  • 5 a side football – already covered at Maidenhead RFC 3G, the council’s astro turf pitch and at The Leisure Centre’s artificial pitches.
  • Local school facilities – already covered, it is called the Leisure Centre and Braywick Park in general.
  • A new running track, restricted use and usage charge for local residents.
  • Café – there are already 2 catering facilities on site, The Toby Carvery and the Leisure Centre.

What we don’t know.

  • We have not been informed of the details of the additional business facilities that we presume are designed to bring in revenue to “establish a more diverse business model”.  However, on several occasions we have been told that there will be rentable office facilities built into the development.  I have to admit, that Maidenhead does desperately need additional office space!!!
  • Need of additional facilities for the more than 50 affiliated junior soccer teams associated with them. Is their plan to bring these 50 clubs to Braywick?  If so, what are the plans for their inclusion in the park with regard to space, traffic and timings in the week?

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