WE NEED YOUR HELP – Save Braywick Park



As you might have seen in the press this week, the football club is challenging the Council on their refusal to release the land at Braywick Park for their new proposed stadium and business complex.

As part of this, they have started an online petition to the Council which could trigger a review of the process.

There is currently a counter petition that has been created to both protect Braywick Park and keep Maidenhead United at York Road. We urgently need as much support as possible from all club members, family and friends to support this new petition.  This petition has not been created by the rugby club but we fully support it.

To help us in our fight to protect Braywick Park, Maidenhead RFC and the pitches that over 100 of our youth girls and boys use every week, please visit the new petition and, if you are in support, please put your name to it.


Additional Information

Click here to see a presentation on Maidenhead RFC’s position on the development of a sports and business complex on Braywick Park

In addition, below is a very short summary of our main objections.

The land is currently being used by over 100 young girls and boys, all of whom would be losing their grass playing pitches. It is outrageous that a relatively wealthy football club can presume that it can take over the facilities of an incumbent community rugby club.

Braywick is a quite unique sports park open to the whole community. It is Green Belt designated and protected under the Borough Local Plan to be maintained as an open, green sports area. The proposition to put 5 acres of concrete and buildings on such a beautiful unique park is not acceptable.

 The Local Borough Plan specifically states – “Existing quantity of rugby pitches is to be protected, particularly at Braywick Park given development proposals which may include the loss of grass pitches.”

Braywick Sports Park has already lost:

6.5 acres to the Leisure Centre

2.5 acres to the school

And now potentially an additional 9 acres to a football stadium and business complex.

That is 18 acres out of an original 48 acres, lost forever!!

That is 37% of beautiful Braywick Park lost forever!!

Thank you for your support.

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