Pitch Hire

Third generation (3G) Pitch Hire

Feels like grass, looks like grass and plays like grass – the latest revolution in providing all weather playing facilities all year round

Certified by both the International Rugby Board (Regulation 22) and FIFA to play all variants of rugby and football up to and including International level .

Available for booking by individuals, organisations and local teams.

Hire Options

Full pitch
½ pitch
Changing Rooms
Team and event Catering available
Discounts available for local schools
To make a booking please contact Dom Birch on 01628 629663 or email via the link below


No flat soled shoes at any time. Spectators MUST stay off the 3G surface at all times.
Moulded-Studded Boots
Metal-Studded Boots

Flat soled shoes (e.g. shoes/trainers)
Astro-Turf Boots


No Smoking anywhere on site
No dogs on site
No food
Players and officials only within playing area. Spectators must stay off all areas of the AGP surface
No rubbish to be left on site
Bikes to be stored in designated area only
Extensive parking available
Fully Floodlit