Maidenhead Club Ball – 6th June 2020 – POSTPONED

Dear All

I hope you and your family are all well. The Maidenhead Rugby Club community is an incredibly tight one and I know we will do what it takes to look after each other in the coming months.

We, as a summer event committee, wanted to write and keep you informed about our events in June.  We were hoping to keep our options open as due to the support of sponsors and donors, our outgoings are currently close to zero. However, it is clear that in 11 weeks time all events like ours will be impossible to “put on”.  So with great sadness but also real understanding we are postponing our two events.

Rest assured – We will make these events happen. We are at this current time unable to provide an answer as to when.

Dom Birch is ready and waiting to refund immediately.  The alternative is to keep the money with Dom at the rugby club and ensure you are first in the queue for best position in the room for the table you have already purchased!

We were so humbled by the support and all the positive response to our initial sales push. It was a real reminder of how much all our players, supporters, and sponsors at Maidenhead love our great club.

We know local sports clubs, like ours, will be critical when we are allowed to resume life as we know it. Please do get in touch with how you would like to proceed.

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by escalating events at this uncertain time.

The Summer Event Committee of Maidenhead Rugby Club