A strong B team performance against first Division team Chinnor A

Maidenhead U16 12 v Chinnor 39

Sunday 27th January 2019


2018/19 U16 season 


A home friendly B team agreed game against Chinnor on a very cold, grey and windy morning. Most Maids players available against a very strong Chinnor team heavy weighted with County/Exile players. Games of two halves of 30mins. 


A slow start by Maidenhead, lose tackling and lack of support suddenly we were down by two tries. After second Chinnor try Maids started to play rugby. Maids start building an attack after stealing a ball in ruck and driving up ending with a line out to Chinnor. After a couple of zig zagging play across the pitch by both teams Chinnor get the upper hand by bouncing onto a loose ball from a line out and run in for their third try and this time make the conversion. Maidenhead gather their only re-start and hit through the middle of the pitch and in to Chinnors 22. Chinnor defend well and clear but Maids re-gather and attack again through the middle and after many phases of play by Maids and good defensive work by Chinnor, Maids give away a penalty which Chinnor clear for a line out. 

Line out not straight, scrum to Maids, good forwards work, pick and go and drive back into Chinnors 22 but unfortunately, we knock on and Chinnor clear to touch. Maids line out on our 22, Chinnor put us under pressure but Maids manage to clear our lines to touch. Maids manage to steal the ball at Chinnor line out and the forwards work hard to drive the ball out of danger and the backs run it up to the half way line were Chinnor kick through on a loose ball but it ends up going beyond the dead ball area. Maids awarded scrum on half way which we win but the pick and drive gets isolated and Chinnor and drive into out and push for the line, Maids defend well but are driven over their own try line, 5mt scrum Chinnor, who pick and drive for their fourth try. Chinnor gather the ball from the re-start but are pushed into touch. Maids line out but we fumble, then Chinnor line out which their knock-on so Maids scrum. Maids pick and go but infringe and Chinnor get a penalty and clear bck into our 22. Maids steal ball at the line out and try to run out of their 22, Chinnor steal the ball on a turnover and attack back into our 22 but Maids intercept a loose pass from Chinnor and take the ball into a ruck. Whistle blows for half time. 

Score at the end of the first half. 

Maidenhead 0 Chinnor 17 


The second half starts with Maids getting an early line out and then scrum, which we make a great line break through the middle of Chinnor defensive line and then out to the wing but drop the ball. Chinnor pick and drive from the scrum but Maids hold them but concede another scrum. Chinnor make a line break from the scrum up in to Maids 22 with a couple of players overlap but the ball is dropped backwards, retain and driven towards our try line, but is held up by Maids. 5mt scrum Chinnor, pick and drive over for their first try of the 2nd half. From the re-start Maids pressure Chinnor in the middle of the pitch and are awarded a scrum just outside the 22. Maids pick and go and drive for the try line and eventually Blake goes over for Maids first try. From the re-start Chinnor gain the ball and run a great line break resulting in the 2nd try of the half. Maids and Chinnor share some great attacking and defensive rugby from the re-start but Chinnor eventually get the break and cut through to score again, 3rd try with conversion. Maids manage to gather their own re-start and drive for the line link forwards and backs, for Jamie to cross the try line for our 2nd try which ne then converted. Maids gather Chinnors re-start, but Chinnor manage to turn it over but knock on. Maids scrum, great line break but Chinnor defend well and jackal the ball and run straight back at us. Maids defend well but knock ball on, scrum Chinnor who pick and drive for the corner but Maids defend well and drive them into touch. From the Maids line out we clear our lines, bit Chinnor manage to catch and counter, great diagonal line at pace to score the find try of the game. 

Score at the end of the second half 

Maidenhead 12 Chinnor 22 


Final score Maidenhead 12 Chinnor 39 

Maidenhead today, played some great rugby and dominated huge spells of the game, never dropping their heads and played for each other with pride and honour for their club and rugby family. 

I'm proud of the way you all preformed today. We are all heading in the right direction. Well done lads. 

Cameron Miller Head Coach U16s 



Freddie DT, Will Houghton, Toby Muirhead, James Lynn, Jon Tindal, Freddie Forward, Oliver Jones, Callum Watts, Elliot Monk, Alfie Mifsud, Beni Holland (vc), Jamie Spires, Jimmy March (C), Harry Appleton, Cameron Macrae, Blake Powell, Oscar Ridley, Andrey Todorov, Jeremy De Silva, Millan Mistry, Joshua Gawman. 



Beni Holland - head 


Players injured before this match 

Zac Kennedy - hand, Will Craythorne -Collar Bone, Corey Burridge -hand, Zac Hudson Clarke -sick. 

Morgan Peck - sick  


Players unavailable for this match 

Fergal Evans - Cadet duties