A great team performance- Loss Banbury

Maidenhead U16 18 v Banbury 29

Sunday 24th March 2019


2018/19 U16s season 


Playing Banbury, a division one team, supposed to be a development match for both teams, but more like a cup final win takes all game, by the way Banbury players and parents reacted to the game, the referees decisions and us. It was a very hard physical game played with great rugby sprit and maturity by Maidenhead. The game kicked off at 11o/c on a lovely Sunday morning. 


Maidenhead got the first half started and Banbury gathered and attacked hard into out 22 but for some reason throw a very loose pass within the 22 which Maids turned over and pushed back up the pitch. Several players later Maids push into Banburys 22 and win penalty and Jamie kicks it between the posts for the first points of the game. Maids gather the restart but the ball goes loose and Banbury bounce and attack but give a penalty. Maids kick for the line out. Banbury steal ball in line out but Maids push hard in defence and win it back and attack back into Banburys half and win another penalty. Maids kick long and chase, forcing them to concede 5mt scrum. Maids pick and go from the base of the scrum and drive down the blind channel and Blake carries the ball over for the try, conversion missed. Maids catch and drive from the restart and then kick long to make touch. Maids steal ball from Banbury line out, but Banbury spoil play, Maids scrum. Banbury steal ball at scrum and kick, Maids catch and drive back up to halfway. Maids throw a loose pass and knock on. Several plays later, Banbury attack towards Maids line but give away a penalty. Maids take the line out but Banbury flood through and hit are defence hard and steal the ball within the 5mt zone. Maids regather and defend hard but Banbury push hard and cross the try line for their first points. Conversion missed. From the restart Maids pressured Banbury for the rest of the first half causing Banbury to give several penalties away. Maids finish the first half in Banburys 22 attaching their try line. Score at half time Maidenhead 8 Banbury 5 


Banbury get the second half on the way, Maids gather and win penalty and opt for the line out. The ball is spilt and Banbury get to put in to the scrum. They pick and go and drive towards the try line resulting in a try near the corner plus conversion. Banbury gather the restart and win a scrum. Maids pressure and win ball and then a penalty. We decide to go for the post but miss the kick. Banbury restart by kicking out of their 22, ball is knocked on, scrum Maids. Maids throw the ball out through the hands to the wing but the ball goes loose. From the Banbury scrum Maids win and attack but again knock on for a Banbury scrum. Banbury attack from the scrum and kick through resulting in Maids taking the ball over for a 5mt scrum. Banbury build pressure from the scrum but loose play which Maids kick and chase up to the half way line. Banbury gather and attack again towards our 22, Maids defend well forming a ruck, Banbury throw a punch resulting in a red card. Maids get a penalty, then another which ends up with a line where the ball goes loose, Banbury scrum. Penalty to Maids, opt again for the kick, this time getting it, Jamie, 3 points. Banbury kick the restart deep and chase, Maids gather and clear to touch from the ruck. Banbury win their line out and drive towards our try line but Maids hold Banbury up. Banbury win the ball from the 5mt scrum and kick across field to score try plus conversion. Maids win penalty from the restart. The kick for touch goes long resulting with a scrum to Banbury from where the ball was kicked. Several plays and penalties later resulting in the referee talking to their coach, Banbury win scrum in Maids half. Maids push and win ball and lick to clear winning another penalty for Banbury being off side. From the line out Maids run at Banbury and after several plays Jimmy goes over the line fir a try with Jamie converting. Banbury attack hard from the restart, pushing into our 22 and towards the try line, winning a 5mt scrum. Banbury pick and go resulting in a try and conversion. Banbury attack from the restart and win penalty, opt for the kick, which the referee gives, 3 points. Maids restart and win another penalty and take the line out. Maids win the line and start to build an attack, ball goes loose, whistle blows for full time. Score at the end of the second half, Maidenhead 10 Banbury 24 


Final score Maidenhead 18 Banbury 29 



Freddie D-Tipton, Fergal Evans, Toby Muirhead, James Lyne, Freddie Forward, Andrey Todorov, Blake Powell, Callum Watts, Elliot Monk, Alfie Mifsud, Jeremy De Silva, Jamie Spires, Jimmy March, Beni Holland, Cameron Macrae, Zac Hudson Clarke, Corey Burridge, Joshua Gawman, Will Houghton. 


Players injured before this match 

Will Craythorne -Collar Bone, Morgan Peck -Ankle, Zac Kennedy - Hand 


Players unavailable for this match 

Jon Tindall, Oscar Ridley, Oliver Jones, Millan Mistry