Gorgeous day and great win at Abingdon

Abingdon 0 v Maidenhead U16 10

Sunday 24th February 2019


2018/19 U16 season 


First time playing Abingdon, away, on a very sunny Sunday morning. Small squad of players, but fully committed to performing well and build on last weeks result. Abingdon, defensively very strong and hard to break down. Good, hard, close game from both teams. 


Maidenhead kick off to get the game started and kick long for an Abingdon line out. Maids win line out and start building attacking lines, pushing hard and playing a lot of rugby within Abingdon's 22. Abingdon's defensive extremely committed and difficult to break down. Maids camped in Abingdon's 22 for over a good 10 minutes building pressure. Abingdon rucked well and stole several balls against Maids and attacked out into our 22 but we managed to also defend well and push back to play our rugby in Abingdon's half. After about 20 minutes play Abingdon's defensive broke and Will Houghton ran through to cross the line for the first try with Cameron Macrae converting. From the restart Maids lose their shape and control for several moments and Abington entry into Maids' 22. Maids absorb the pressure and work hard to win the ball back with some good rucking work and play the ball through the hands to break down the middle of the park. Several rucks and the occasional penalty award each way Maids kick for a line out. Catch and drive, spin ball wide, Abingdon defend well but ball is knocked on. Referee blows for half time. 

Maidenhead 7 Abingdon 0 


Abingdon get the second half on the way, Maids gather and play the ball through the hand and push through the middle of the pitch. Several plays later Maids are still trying to break through Adingdon's defensive line. Both teams making handling errors but are still pushing hard into each other's halves of the pitch. Eventually, Maids get a break and attack through the middle of the pitch and drive into Abingdon's 22. Abingdon defend well but are penalised for killing the ball. Penalty Maids. We decide to kick for goal, as we are in front of the post, great decision as Jamie slots the ball through for another three points. This means Abington would need to score twice to beat us. Abingdon start to show some signs of the pressure, restart kicked short, scrum Maids on the half way line. Maids start to play nice rugby, putting more pressure on Abington. Most of the play is now played either side of the half way line. Maids still have control of the game and push into Abingdon's 22 but their defensive is still strong. After several more plays the final whistle was blown.  

Maidenhead 3 Abingdon 0 


Final score Maidenhead 10 Abingdon 0 



Freddie DT, Fergal Evans, Toby Muirhead, Jon Tindal, Freddie Forward, Will Houghton, Oscar Ridley, Callum Watts, Oliver Jones, Elliot Monk, Millan Mistry, Jimmy March (C) , Beni Holland, Joshua Gawman, Cameron Macrae, Corey Burridge, James Lyne, Jamie Spires. 


Players injured before this match 

Will Craythorne -Collar Bone, Zac Kennedy -Hand, Morgan Peck -Ankle. 


Players unavailable for this match 

Alfie Mifsud - holiday, Andrey Todorov -holiday, Jeremy De Silva - sick, Blake Powell , Zac Hudson Clarke