Cold and Frosty Win on the Rye - High Wycombe

High Wycombe 14 v Maidenhead U16 15

Sunday 16th December 2018


A friendly away against High Wycombe, on a cold frosty morning with the sun shining. High Wycombe only had 15 players but had some big units. We were suffering from a depleted squad due to holiday issues, injures and a couple of last-minute cry offs for flu. 


Maids kick off and built pressure within High Wycombes 22, pushing for the try line. High Wycombe defended strongly forcing us into touch. First lineout to High Wycombe which they lost by knocking on. Maids first scrum was solid with a clean pick up and we drove again into High Wycombes 22, but gave away the first penalty for holding on. Maids manages to reclaim the ball from the penalty move and pushed hard into Wycombes 22. With some great support play and strong lines of running Maids manage to cross the try line for the first score. Try Freddie DT, conversion missed. 

From the restart Maids struggled to gather the kick which Wycombe chased down and drove over the try line but unfortunately dropped the ball in doing so. From the 5mt scrum Maids clearance kick took us back into High Wycombes half where most of the halfs rugby was played. High Wycombe defended their try line really well with Maids building continues attacks but just could not get over the try line. 

The whistle was blown for half time, with High Wycombe struggling to find a replacement for a head injury. 

Score at the end of the first half. 

Maidenhead 5 High Wycombe 0 


After a short break and a chat between coaches, to try and keep the game competitive we realised a player to Wycombe to maintain 15 a-side. 


High Wycombe kicked of the second half, which resulted in Maids knocking on. For the scrum Wycombe picked up well and drove towards Maids line scoring their first try and getting the conversion after missing it, the ref deciding Maids had charged to kick early. High Wycombe now their tails up and from the restart attacked again putting Maids under pressure again and managing to cross the try for the second time, but for the ref to call it back for a lineout to Maids. We managed to clear just over the half way line which Wycombe gathered and ran straight back at Maids, finding big gaps in out defensive line but we again pushed them into touch for a Maids lineout on the 5mtr line. We won the lineout but lack of concentration the ball was split within the 5mt channel which Wycombe bounced on and drove over the try line under the posts for their second try and conversion. 

From the restart, again Wycombe build pressure but knock on, From the scrum Maids pushed forward into Wycombes half but give away a lineout. Maids win the Wycombe lineout and push into Wycombes 22 and get a penalty. From the penalty Maids move the ball around and Callum manages to drive over for our second try, missed conversion. 

Maids manage to claim the restart and push back up the pitch and win a penalty. We kick for the lineout. We win our lineout and move the ball wide and from the break down change direction and with a strong diagonal run Corey manages to cross the try line for out third try, conversion missed. The clock was running down so from the restart Maids took the ball back into Wycombes half and started pushing for that fourth try. Wycombe were pulled for a high tackle and Maids kicked for the lineout. From the catch and drive Maids pushed deeper into Wycombes 22. Time was up so Maids decided to kick the ball out to end the game. Good game from both teams and a great way to break for Christmas. 

Score at the end of the second half. 

Maidenhead 10 High Wycombe 14 


Final score Maidenhead 15 High Wycombe 14 



Freddie DT, Fergal Evans, Toby Muirhead, Jon Tindal, James Lyne, Will Houghton (c) Oscar Ridley, Callum Watts, Elliot Monk (vc), Cameron Macrae, Millan Mistry, Zac Kennedy, Corey Burridge, Joshua Gawman, Jamie Spires, Morgan Peck, Zac Hudson Clarke, 



Will Houghton hip, rested and then carried on, Toby Muirhead - head, rested and then carried on. 


Players injured before this match 

Will Craythorne Collar Bone, Andrey Tolorov Bicep, Oliver Jones mouth/tooth. 


Players unavailable for this match 

Jimmy March suspension, Alfie Mifsud and Beni Holland cold/flu, Blake Powell, Freddie Forward, Jeremy De Silva, Charles Stokes family commitments