A Loss to U16s' Farnborough Friendly

Maidenhead U16 17 v Farnborough 29

Sunday 16th September 2018


A friendly encounter with three 20-minute sessions against Farnborough. 


A very difficult game to report on due to indiscipline from both teams. Maidenhead defended most of the first session, struggling to get good clean ball to play with. Farnborough were very quick up and kept a better shape in attack. Try first try was Farnborough's after a spell of attacking pressure, with a pick up and drive over the line plus conversion. Maidenhead tried to take the game back to Farnborough but lost the ball in the middle of the park, Farnborough bounced on to it and started to attack. Maidenhead managed to slow the ball down but unfortunately gave away a penalty which they converted and a yellow card to us. 

End of the first session. 

Maidenhead 0 Farnborough 10 


Made some team changes so everyone could got match time. Tried out two new players as props, seemed to work well until we had to sub our hooker due to a head injury. The scrums then had to became uncontested, but I think we might have found a couple of spare props if needed. The match seemed to gone our way and we managed to score twice with hard work. Try from Andrey, converted by Jamie and a try from Oscar. 

End of the second session. 

Maidenhead 12 Farnborough 0 


Due to injuries we had to move players around again. Scrum still uncontested. Maidenhead started to belief in themselves and started to take the game to Farnborough, but due to indiscipline, we started to give away too many penalties resulting in Farnborough scoring a try. On the restart we managed to play some good rugby putting pressure on Farnborough resulting in Charlie crossed the line to score a try for Maidenhead. Farnborough thinking quickly, while we were still getting ready, kicked off the restart quickly, managing to catch their own kick-off and drove into our 22, went to ground rucked and recycled quickly and drove through for another try. Again, more indiscipline from both teams. After the restart, Farnborough, took control and crossed the line again plus conversion. With only 2-minute remaining on the clock indiscipline over boiled again and unfortunately Maidenhead received a red card. 

End of the third session. 

Maidenhead 5 Farnborough 17 


Final score Maidenhead 17 Farnborough 29 



Freddie DT, Will Houghton, Charles Stokes, Oscar Ridley, Freddie Forward, Oliver Jones, Andrey Todorov, Callum Watts, Elliot Monk, Alfie Mifsud, Harry Appleton, Alex Edwards, Corey Burridge, Jemery De Silva, Jamie Spires, Blake Powell, Zac Hudson Clarke 



Will Houghton - head 


Already injured before this match 

Cameron Macrae " Calf, Toby Muirhead " Knee Ligaments, Zac Kennedy " Leg, Will Craythorne " Collar Bone " operation 3 months out, Ronnie Martharu " Throat, Harry Scott " recovering from injury, Joshua Gawman " Finger, Jimmy March " Temperature, Millan Mistry " Shoulder, 

James Lyne " sick