Ealing Festival

Saturday 17th November 2018


The Ealing Festival was blessed with dry sunny weather and saw a strong team playing alongside familiar names from the Premiership including Wasps and Saracens.  


With four matches to play the team were first pitted against Staines where a strong and organised attach matched with some good defence saw the team deliver a convincing win. The next opponents were Wasps who were fielding some big lads, but once again the organised approach and some great passing saw the boys victorious once again. In the third game we faced Hammersmith & Fulham where some greater ball distribution, running lines and strong competition at the breakdown saw the team leave the pitch ahead once again.  


The final match was against the Bank of England (who knew!) who had been identified as the main competition in the pool. A tight game that featured an outstanding try saving tackle from Charlie Parry, but saw the team narrowly lose out it a very competitive match.  


Overall the boys performed very well and great to see all the training paying off in matches. Coach's Ed & Craig did a great job motivating the boys and getting them focused on the key areas of the game with great results.