U13B against Reading

Reading 50 v Maidenhead U13B 20

Sunday 30th October 2016


Sunday was an opportunity to give all of our available B and C squad some valuable match time and they were playing some strong opposition. 


We arrived in good time to join the Reading squad in a warm up and some drills before then separating out and preparing for the match.  We had agreed to try a couple of players in new positions in order to expand our options in the back line.  It is hugely valuable for players to experience matches from different positions for several reasons.  Primarily to see if they add something new for that position, but also to boost their learning of the overall game by seeing how the game unfolds from a different perspective. 


We had a lovely mix of experience in the squad and this meant that the key element of teamwork was going to be critical.  Our attack worked well in this respect, with players linking and providing good support in open play.  We were able to develop 4 lovely tries through this 7's style of rugby. 


The teamwork in our defence was not structured enough and that, linked with some poor tackling, meant we allowed 10 tries to be scored against us. 


So the good news was that we showed lovely intention and hard work on the attack, making good use of the variety of channels (A through D), players stepped up and had some solid success in new positions. The match also highlighted that we continue to need to develop our structure and assertiveness in defence and that having too few reserves puts a little too much pressure on the team.  


In terms of individual players, there were some notable moments from Tom Rowlands who was deservedly nominated Man of the Match by Reading, Will Dempster playing a strong role from the new position of fly-half, Sam Horn who was immensely industrious from the inside centre position, Josh Thorley who provided good returns from full back on their kicks, Ethan Johnson who played a nicely balanced game at No.8, and George Downey and Aidan Noble who both demonstrated great straight runs down A and B channels and making good yardage.  We wish Tyler and Josh E good and quick recovery from their injuries. 


Final Result: Reading 50 " Maidenhead 20 


The Team - Aidan Noble, Ethan Johnson, George Downey, Harry Pechereau, Jackson Brocklebank, Jacob Smith, Josh Crook, Josh Embleton, Luke Thorley, Sam Horn, Tom Rowlands, Tyler Simmonds, William Dempster 


Coaches: Nic Brocklebank, Rick Thorley, Rorie Dempster